Alucoband cladding

Ease of installation & durability

Discover the elegance and versatility of our Alucobond cladding. With a range of modern colors and finishes, our solution not only offers striking aesthetics but also exceptional durability and ease of installation to embellish and protect your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Fire Resistant

 Aluminum composite panels offer a fire-resistant option, releasing no harmful vapors or gases in case of fire and not contributing to flame propagation. They are therefore a safe choice for occupant and environmental safety.


Economically accessible, aluminum composite panels help reduce heating costs by improving the building’s thermal insulation. They are also cost-effective in terms of maintenance, requiring simple cleaning once a year while maintaining their aesthetic appearance.

Wide Range of Colors

Available in a variety of colors, aluminum composite panels offer great aesthetic flexibility, allowing the cladding to be chosen based on the aesthetic preferences and needs of each construction project.

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